Distribution and Controls Equipment

Distribution Equipment

Electrical Distribution Equipment or distribution boards take the incoming electrical supply to your building and breaks it down into multiple circuits.  These circuits can be “submains” that distribute electricity to other distribution boards or they can be final circuits which supply electricity directly, or indirectly, to current using equipment. A distribution board can supply a mix of submains and final circuits.

The distribution equipment also contains circuit protection in the form of fuses or circuit breakers.  These monitor the submains or final circuits to ensure that the amount of current drawn does not exceed the current carrying capacity of the part of the installation it is protecting.

More modern distribution boards incorporate residual current devices (RCDs).  These constantly monitor the circuits checking for electrical leakage to earth caused by electrical faults or by people receiving electric shocks.  RCDs disconnect the power very quickly and at very low current in order the minimise the impact of a fault or the severity of an electric shock.


Electrical controls are often added to distribution equipment and can provide functions from simple switching to complex logic.

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